Shoulder Wearable Acoustic Targeting System (SWATS™)

Ground forces operating in urban and rural combat environments are faced with the continual risk of random attack by snipers and other gunfire threats. QinetiQ’s SWATS™ – part of our EARS family of gunshot localisation systems – reduces casualties by giving users the immediate situational awareness capabilities they need to respond instantly and accurately to hostile attacks.


Compact and lightweight, SWATS is mounted on the user’s non-firing shoulder. The system enables soldiers in difficult acoustic environments to go immediately from a defensive to an offensive posture, accurately detecting and locating the origin of incoming gunfire in a fraction of a second. SWATS alerts the soldier with an audible voice announcement on the range, bearing and grid position of the threat.

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Shoulder Wearable Acoustic Targeting System (SWATS™)


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Shoulder Wearable Acoustic Targeting System (SWATS™)