Advanced Batteries and Power Solutions

Power for the next generation of portable devices


Efficient energy storage is now a key differentiator in sustaining the emerging economy. Storing energy for longer and getting at it quicker is the key to embrace the vision of electric mobility. Power Sources provides its customers with the technological edge you need to power your platforms and process data on the move.

In a market spoilt for choice, selecting the correct power source is a challenge. With a breadth of experience that embraces fundamental chemistry through fabrication to volume supply Power Sources can provide the most exact solution to satisfy customer needs.


High Energy Rechargeable Batteries: High energy prismatic , flexible cell providing energy density in order of 270 Wh/kg. The cells can also be tailored for high power applications providing a power density of 7.5 KW/kg with a lower energy density.

High Temperature Rechargeable Cells: High temperature rechargeable batteries aimed at temperatures up to 125degC. Demonstrated within a standard cylindrical D cell format, exhibiting a nominal voltage of 1.85V and a capacity of 1.8 Ah.

Military Specification ‘Commercial’ Batteries: Sole UK Military supplier for range of ‘commercial’ primary batteries (AA, C and D cells.) Expertise now applied to a broader range of specialist primary and secondary cells and battery packs offering commercial supplies to the same exacting standards.

Find out how QinetiQ is participating in the first supply chain entitled 'smart battery cell'.

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Advanced Batteries and Power Solutions