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Modular Advanced Armed Robotic System

Powerful, modular and combat-ready, the Modular Advanced Armed Robotic System (MAARS®) is an unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) designed specifically for reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition (RSTA) missions to increase the security of personnel manning forward locations. MAARS keeps Soldiers at a safe distance from enemy fire while effectively executing security missions such as ambushes, hostage rescue, forced entry, booby-trapped areas, detainee riots, site security and IED. Remote placement of RSTA sensors into critical locations can be made up to several kilometers away, signaling threats and enabling an immediate response if required.

Equipped with multiple safety features, MAARS is operational only when receiving coded instructions from its operator. MAARS offers multiple options for the escalation of force when required by the Rules of Engagement (ROE)—from non-lethal lasers dazzlers and audio deterrents, to less-than-lethal grenades, to lethal fires from a grenade launcher or machine gun.

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