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Mosquito is a cost-effective unmanned helicopter target designed primarily for use in military training exercises.

The Mosquito can simulate rotary-wing threats for ground-based air defence, air-to-air pilot engagements or naval ship defence systems. It is also an ideal target for satisfying test and evaluation requirements for new weapon systems.

Various mission requirements can be satisfied using a wide range of internal and external payloads, including visual and radar signature enhancement, miss distance scoring, video and transponder packages.

The Mosquito can be delivered as a system with our Universal Target Control Station (UTCS), or flown with an exiting customer control system (ie successful interface with the US Army AGATCS). The Mosquito is being developed for shipboard operation, and is currently being utilized in both land and maritime environments. Examples of other non-target roles for the Mosquito would be surveillance, cargo transport, and IED detection.

Key Features

Multi-role threat-representative unmanned helicopter target system

Proven speed of 75 knots

Line-of-sight and Iridium control

Flexible payload options


Rotary Wing UAS targets

QinetiQ has introduced a new service to the Royal Canadian Navy, conducting a live demonstration to emulate the threat of small multi-rotor drones to large naval vessels.

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