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The Hammerhead Unmanned Surface Vehicle – Target (USV-T) is a 5m, advanced composite surface effect hull, speedboat powered by a 135 hp gas 3.0L Merc engine. The Hammerhead USV-T operates at speeds of 35 knots in Sea State (SS) 3 and speeds in excess of 35 knots in SS2 and below. This is a significant performance increase over any other target system in this category.

The Hammerhead USV-T was specifically designed to simulate a Fast Inshore Attack Craft (FIAC) in a multi-vehicle swarm of up to 40 vehicles. The Hammerhead USV-T also excels in replicating Fast Attack Craft (FAC) naval threats. The Hammerhead USV-T replicates high-speed naval tactics and a variety of operational guidance plans including straight-on high-speed attacks, crossing patterns, zig zag patterns, and other evasive manoeuvres. The system can be equipped with visual, radar, and laser signature enhancements to present a convincing likeness of a variety of naval threats.

Key Features

Proven speed of 35 knots in Sea State 3

Line-of-Sight or Over-the-Horizon control

High speed manoeuvring sea surface target

Designed to replicate a FIAC threat in swarms of up to 40 vehicles

Cost effective sea target