Unmanned Aircraft Systems

We deliver turnkey services for customers worldwide and manage Europe’s leading test and development facility for Unmanned aviation.

We tailor our Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) expertise to meet customer needs, with managed services that improve surveillance and information capabilities to assure safe and reliable operation.

We do this by:

  • Developing a deep understanding of your requirements
  • Building the most cost-effective solution, which can evolve to suit your needs
  • Providing first-rate equipment and expert teams
  • Integrating the Unmanned Air System service into your environment to get flying quickly
  • Working with end users to ensure they get the best out of the information provided by the service
  • Providing a safe, cost-effective and sustainable capability with low risk

As well as helping our customers to choose the right unmanned system, we support existing or planned activities – handling everything from site survey to operation and maintenance, as well as training on system management, imagery and use of information.

Wales aerial view

Wales UAS Environment

The Wales Unmanned Aircraft Systems Environment (WUASE) supports sustained, safe operation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) enabling all types of research, development, test and evaluation.

Based in Wales, with other UK site locations available, the WUASE is at the forefront of UK UAS operations and procedural development and offers a complete infrastructure for UAS operations; from first flight through to testing, training and operational programmes.

Working with industry, the Department of Transport and regional government, QinetiQ is assessing future needs for UAS operations in the UK with a view to further developing the current capability.

Features include:

  • We support all classes of UAS for both civil and military applications, with an emphasis on beyond visual line-of-site (BVLOS) operations
  • We have access to 7,100 km2 of airspace over sea and 1,500 km2 over land – the largest amount of segregated airspace for UAS testing and training in the UK
  • We can help facilitate the testing and safe integration of UAS into controlled, non-segregated airspace
  • Wales provides a richness of geographical features including mountains, valleys, coast and open sea
  • The combination of this rich local environment and access to extensive test instrumentation allows the complete capability of a UAS to be proven across a wide range of operational conditions.
More information on the Wales UAS Environment here 


Man launching drone

UAS Capability Development Centre

The UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) needs to be sure new unmanned air assets will be managed effectively, operate with legacy systems, and be deployable where needed; we have people that understand operational airspace and can help to embed unmanned systems within the UK military capability.

On behalf of the UK MOD, we host the Unmanned Air Systems Capability Development Centre (UASCDC), where we combine our in-depth understanding of aviation, unmanned air vehicles and safety with that of suppliers large and small to bring these new capabilities to life.

More Efficient

  • Information & knowledge management
  • Requirements definition
  • Access to focused advice & support

More Capability

  • Corporate memory for MOD UAS
  • Resourced facilities across UK plc
  • Testing, evaluation & trials expertise

New MOD UAS capability with the mission to

  • Coordinate
  • Communicate
  • Facilitate
  • Influence
  • Accelerate