Security: how we can help

We offer a robust system of security due to unrivalled expertise, technology, decades of experience in the security industry, and a unique position within the UK Defence community. This spans original technological research and development through to implementation and management systems that deliver critical threat detection as well as analysis, security solutions and managed services that protect valuable assets. Each is designed to deliver one result: operational advantage over adversaries in the field and in business.

Delivering such success requires products that are failsafe in high-risk situations, whether defending the national interest, operating critical national infrastructure or simply communicating important information within an organisation. We are secure by design, embedding the need for security of assets at every stage of a product and service life cycle. Security is the primary consideration from day one it is integral to everything we undertake.

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Small drone in flight


Small drones can be exceptionally difficult to detect, particularly in urban areas. We have designed OBSIDIAN, counter drone systems specifically to detect, identify and track small and micro drones.

It provides rapid alerting with minimal false alarms. The key to its success is the use of the staring antenna array, which enables immediate detection, even of very slow moving targets.

Advantage created:

  • Radar solution that is small, lightweight and low cost
  • Distinguishes drones from other flying objects
Country border secure fencing


The Earth’s nervous system - monitoring threats over long distances in real time. Our OptaSense® Border and Infrastructure Security monitoring system detects, classifies and locates multiple threats in real time. It transforms a standard telecoms fibre optic cable into an acoustic sensor array that can detect people, vehicle movement, low flying aircraft, digging, and gunfire.

Installed every 50km along a given perimeter, it provides continuous, real-time surveillance of activities up to 100km away.

Advantage created:

  • Supplements and enhances existing fibre optic capability
  • Simplified installation and reduced hardware footprint by integrating multiple detection capabilities into one system
  • Cost savings from a single system

Our work with the Trans-Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline (TANAP) will be the world’s largest fibre distributed sensing project, protecting and monitoring more than 1,850km of pipeline, including perimeter security for all facilities.

Helicopter surveying an area


ASX airborne sensors detect, collect and locate communications signals from radio, satellite phones or GSM to protect assets, borders and people with affordable airborne surveillance. The sensors quickly identify precise broadcast location and user intent, and can be retrofitted to small aircraft, helicopters and UAVs.

ASX cost-effectively transforms low-value assets into high-value strategic platforms for tactical missions.

Advantage created:

  • Transforms a low-cost platform into a high-value asset
  • Timely, reliable mission critical intelligence
  • Improved situational awareness and response options

Computer system

Cyber Security

We partner with our customers to understand their objectives in the cyber environment and look to add measurable value throughout the lifecycle, from idea to mission execution. We assess and identify their cyber security vulnerabilities, determine their needs, and design comprehensive solutions to protect and enhance their information systems.

We have a broad range of cyber security capabilities, and experts with a detailed understanding of cyber security threats and solutions, ranging from advanced intrusion testing to human performance assessment, all focused on supporting our customers to defend their critical business systems. 

Advantage created:

  • Mission-focused cyber solutions
  • Best value and best of breed solutions targeted at identifiable cyber risk
  • Joint understanding of the real-world effects of cyber
Detecting a potential threat under clothing with SPO-NX


Our stand-off threat detection technology, SPO-NX, scans crowds to detect suspicious items hidden under clothing. It has very low false alarm rates and its passive scanning protects privacy. Security perimeters can be moved back, allowing for earlier threat detection, outside airport entrances for instance, without disrupting flow.

Advantage created

  • Early identification of potential threats
  • Time and cost savings, through portability and system integration
  • Improved risk management

Military troops in a battle situation on alert


Powered by Iridium satellite technology, Bracer sets the standard in secure commercial satellite communication. This Push-To-Talk device keeps all users connected through a highly-resilient network, 100% Beyond Line Of Sight, while end-to-end secure encryption protects the information shared within the team.

Designed for discretion and engineered to operate in the planet’s harshest environments, it is the most robust, effective and reliable commercial Tactical Satellite handset on the market.

Advantage created

  • Instantly deployable, ready to go with full encryption out of the box, anytime
  • Cost effective; it secures voice, data, and networks simultaneously
  • Delivers guaranteed performance in the planet’s harshest environments, across land, sea and air