Secure Hosting

Our Secure Hosting service is designed for government and commercial organisations that require an exceptionally high level of assurance about their data assets and web presence.

We ensure availability and integrity, while providing maximum protection against malicious attack, through:

  • A secure hosting platform that enables collaboration between authorised users. In the last 12 years QinetiQ has not had a security breach on any customer platform
  • Our 24x7x365 security monitoring service, operated in accordance with CESG guidelines, on to which the customer can deploy additional applications and services

Our Secure Hosting solution is not built on the standard ‘stack them high’ model, with thousands of websites hosted on virtualised low security platforms: we design bespoke solutions that meet each customer’s specific requirements.

With equipment located in secure List X sites and data centres, our hosting facilities give government the highest possible levels of security, resilience and availability. Private companies benefit from being able to demonstrate levels of assurance around data that is usually reserved for the Ministry of Defence, at commercially attractive rates.

Our Secure Hosting service is:

  • Operated and administered by QinetiQ people who are security-cleared to a minimum UK Government SC level
  • Security assessed by regular penetration tests, using CHECK approved testers
  • Backed by 24x7x365 technical support, with an ITIL-aligned service desk and service management
  • Built on infrastructure that supports ‘burstable’ bandwidth requirements and provides affordable scalability

We provide intrusion detection in accordance with CESG Good Practice Guide (GPG) guidelines, and present customers with detailed web and system statistics through management information reports.

Our High Availability Secure Hosting Solution has been developed for customers requiring the highest level of availability. Built to have zero single points of failure, it can lose one of the two legs of its infrastructure equipment while still maintaining the required service – we provide duplication and back-up for power, internet bandwidth and connectivity. This solution offers a great deal of scalability for customers needing to upgrade their infrastructure in the future, to cope with increased demand or provide greater functionality.

For clients that require the high levels of confidentiality, availability and data integrity provided by our Secure Hosting solution but do not want dedicated infrastructure, our Secure Virtual Architecture offers identical levels of protection.

We can also advise on future functionality and technology roadmaps, and provide added value services.


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