Advisory Services

We act as an independent partner for customers looking to procure services and develop capabilities.

Advisory Services

Test and Evaluation

We manage and operate the UK Ministry of Defence's (MOD) core land, sea and air Test & Evaluation (T&E) capabilities under the Long Term Partnering Agreement.

We can offer these capabilities to UK MOD, industry and international clients, and will tailor a solution to meet your specific needs. Services include:

  • Air ranges: including provision of targets, data analysis, and mobile instrumentation.
  • Land ranges: including environmental testing and static or dynamic firing of General and Complex weapon systems and sub-systems.
  • Sea ranges: including torpedo and weapons tests, acoustic and electromagnetic signatures, compass calibration and radar cross-section measurements.
  • Target services: including aerial targets, maritime dynamic targets, instrumented barges and land targets, all tailored to your individual needs.

We can provide differing levels of layered realism, from a simple controlled experience to a complex, realistic 'fight-in fight-out' scenario. Our independence and expertise allows us to deliver exactly what you need with complete impartiality, confidentially and security.

The ranges we operate for UK MOD offer safe and secure spaces in which to conduct your operational and tactical training exercises. The experience can be further enriched by combining simulated and real-world events. From maintaining safety and security, through to the provision of complex target scenarios, supported by high integrity performance measurement and replay systems, you can rely on us.

We can also validate simulated data using information derived from a real event. Whatever your weapons training requirement, we can tailor a solution to meet it.


Test & Evaluation (T&E) capabilities