Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most commonly asked questions about MOD Eskmeals and its activities. If you can't find what you are looking for, please contact us.

Can members of the public use the beach when the red flags are flying?

  • No. When the red flags are flying no access by the public is allowed passed the tide gauge at the south end of the Range and the Seldom Seen camera position at the north end.

What do the Red Flags mean?

  • MOD Eskmeals is a live weapons test and evaluation range and as such, can be a hazardous place. The nature of the work carried out on the Range means that access has to be strictly controlled.

    Red Flags - there are 7 red flags located around the perimeter of the MOD Eskmeals Range. They mark the area which is subject to the Range byelaws. Some are visible from adjacent land areas. Red flags flying indicates that the Range is ACTIVE and that the byelaws are in force. When the Range is active members of the public are not permitted to walk along the beach in front of the range. Red flags are always flown at full mast. There is a yellow flag at the entrance to the nature reserve at the North end of the Range, this indicates that the range is active and entrance to the nature reserve is strictly prohibited.

I sometimes notice loud bangs and vibration, is the disturbance coming from MOD Eskmeals?

  • From time to time, and in certain weather conditions you may notice noise from activities at MOD Eskmeals.

Can I find out about the Range firing programme in advance?

Can I visit MOD Eskmeals?

  • MOD Eskmeals is private property owned by the Ministry of Defence. Due to the hazardous nature of the work carried out on the Range, the area is subject to the Eskmeals Military Lands Byelaws and is not generally open to members of the public.