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Unidentified Objects and Unexploded Ordnance

Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) is live ammunition that has been prepared for action and dropped, fired, launched, projected or thrown but which has failed to detonate.

Due to the nature of work that is undertaken at MOD Eskmeal, there is the risk that the public might discover items of UXO in the Local area.


Any person who finds an object on the beach that they believe to be UXO should immediately contact the local police (101).

If there are any visible features showing, such as markings, colour or shape, please describe them when reporting the item as this may help with identification. If the UXO has been buried or submerged in the sea for many decades, it may not resemble any recognisable ammunition item.

Whatever is discovered - do not touch!


  • DO - report the find to the Police.
  • DO - Provide a description of the item found, its location and the circumstances surrounding its discovery.
  • DO - try and keep inquisitive people away from the item.
  • DO NOT - Touch, handle or remove the item from the area.
  • DO NOT - attempt to move the item to an open area so that Security or the Police may easily find it.
  • DO NOT - attempt to hide or bury the item - somebody else might find it later.