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This means continuously adapting training away from a siloed approach to one that places greater emphasis on pan-domain interactivity, agility, and commercial technology exploitation to ensure effective training that is at once relevant, realistic, challenging, cost-efficient, and coherent.

QinetiQ Canada (QCI) offers the capability to ensure that military personnel is trained to established readiness levels, as a scalable, agile, responsive, and interoperable force – at home independently or with other government agencies and first responders, or internationally with allies and partners anywhere in the world, for any mission.

QCI’s training and mission rehearsal knowledge draws on our global training experience from consulting and program design to delivery of turnkey, comprehensive, pan-domain training. Training constructs range from live to synthetic-blended training, combining virtual and real assets that can be deployed in a distributed environment to trainees anywhere in the world. Our training and mission rehearsal expertise has continually evolved beyond straight force-on-force conflict to asymmetrical, multi-threat, multi-domain simultaneous attacks including cyber, space, and “grey zone” and terrorist threats from non-state actors.

When it comes to training and mission rehearsal, QCI:

  • recognizes that training is a mission-critical activity. It involves various stakeholders, draws on a range of resources, requires a whole-force approach, and relies on commercial innovation;
  • enables our customers to deliver challenging, immersive, adaptable, and cost-effective training across all domains and operating environments;
  • optimizes the deployment of the full range of assets and technologies, integrating human factors and operational experience and delivering objective evidence for measuring individual and collective performance; and
  • works collaboratively with others in long-term partnership with our customers.

Together with our global divisions, QinetiQ has built extensive experience over the years across the range of training competencies from analysis and experimentation through to design and delivery, combining cross-disciplinary scientific and engineering expertise with operational know-how, broad-ranging partnerships with industry and academia, and access to diverse ranges and facilities.

As a system-agnostic technology and engineering company, with deep roots in the military, we offer a unique blend of operational ethos, technical capability, and collaborative mindset. We strongly believe that delivering effective training requires a deep understanding of the training objectives, the environments in which those objectives are delivered, and the technologies and methods required to deliver realistic training and a rich learning experience.

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