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The case for Mission-Led Innovation

Keeping innovation focused on the mission is vital in ensuring military forces, security services and operators of critical infrastructure stay ahead of adversaries through technological superiority. We have identified a series of principles which we believe can help to ensure success.

QinetiQ advances UK to the forefront of maritime mission systems

Portsdown Technology Park (PTP) is the UK focus for design, integration, test, evaluation and front line support of the complex software-intensive systems that deliver the Royal Navy’s fighting capability.

QinetiQ teams to support UK Carrier Strike Group get ready for the high seas

£5million contract between QinetiQ and the Royal Air Force links together a number of UK military ranges – enabling the UK’s strike carriers to conduct training on a larger, more complex scale.

Electrified Battlespace
Powering the Electrified Battlespace

Our report brings together international expertise from military strategists, scientists, engineers and academics to give you actionable recommendations on electrifying warfighting technology.

Experiential learning through immersion

Conventional training in high risk environments has been delivered using highly sophisticated simulation but, the downside being the high costs involved.

Pre-close Trading Update

QinetiQ Group plc today issues a trading update prior to entering the close period for its interim results, which we will announce on 12 November 2020.

Finger on the pulse: the use and abuse of EMP in 10 Hollywood films

Electromagnetic (EM) pulses are a short burst of electromagnetic energy. They can originate from natural occurrences such as sun spots or electrical storms, but are increasingly delivered through man-made activities.

How COVID-19 is changing our safety approach

Although COVID-19 restrictive measures appear to be easing in many areas, for some there is a building anxiety about the future; fuelled by press speculation about second waves, recessions and further lockdowns.

Technology Adoption Hazards

We explore what can go wrong when technology is introduced without understanding the need, the required integration or the potential vulnerabilities.

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Technology adoption hazards whitepaper