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Rotary Wing flagship ‘Papa’ undergoes first QinetiQ Approved Training Organisation sortie

Widely seen as the long-term replacement for the Sea King, the addition of the AW139 in July 2021 marked the last major delivery milestone in QinetiQ’s Test Aircrew Training (TAT) Rotary Wing (RW) Fleet Review Investment.

QinetiQ announce the successful completion of AW139 type ratings

We’d like to congratulate the six newly qualified AW139 pilots who have recently completed their ratings for this helicopter type.

QinetiQ Group plc Trading Update

14 October 2021 – QinetiQ Group plc (“QinetiQ” or “the Group”) today issues a trading update covering its second quarter to 30 September 2021, ahead of publishing its interim results on 11 November 2021.

SaRY Project to Help Develop Circular Life Support Systems in Space and On Earth

The SaRY (Salinity Reduction of Yellow Waters) activity started on September 1st 2021 in the frame of the MELiSSA project of the European Space Agency (ESA). MELiSSA (Micro-Ecological Life Support System Alternative) is the European project of circular life support systems.

Capitalising on the common ground will help to open an exciting new chapter in space

Jim Graham, Managing Director of QinetiQ’s space business, says UK Government’s new space strategy paves the way for a more collaborative and dynamic mindset, and he provides guidance on where to channel and prioritise our initial efforts.

QinetiQ awarded DIH funding for DASG Phase 2

QinetiQ Australia’s expertise in delivering advanced, battlefield-ready technology to increase defence capabilities has been reaffirmed by the latest round of Defence Innovation Hub funding.

Amazing crystal film transforms regular spectacles into night vision glasses

A news article in TechWatch Live exploring the work by researchers to create a thin meta-surface that allows ordinary glasses to see in the infrared (IR).

Jet engine breakthrough: hypersonic aircraft may one day reach Mach 17

A news article in TechWatch Live exploring US researchers discovering a means to stabilise the detonation needed for hypersonic propulsion, a significant breakthrough.

Brain implant turns thoughts into text, with 90% accuracy

A news article in TechWatch Live exploring Brain Machine Interfaces and Brain Computer Interfaces and research into decoding the brain signals associated with writing letters.

Social Value in UK Defence and Security

Social Value is the positive contribution to society that an organisation delivers; this can be measured through things such as job creation, environmental work, diversity and inclusion programmes, charitable work and more. Watch our industry-led panel discussion here.

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social value

As threats increase globally and become more sophisticated, Governments must plan, resource, test and train for a highly complex operational environment.

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