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We are attending IITSEC 2021 from Nov 29th - December 3rd, in Orlando, Florida.

QinetiQ and AM General develop new hybrid electric HUMVEE concept

QinetiQ has entered into a strategic collaboration agreement with automotive manufacturer AM General to accelerate the development of electrification technologies for military vehicles.

Advanced Airborne Technology Demonstrator extends capabilities at QinetiQ’s Aviation Engineering Centre

Delivering the agility, resources and expertise to support the constantly evolving needs of flight test professionals and to meet the growing demand for experimentation and effective test and evaluation of increasingly sophisticated aviation systems presents quite a challenge.

Detecting and Identifying Unmanned Aerial Drones

Aerial drone technology continues to develop rapidly, with improved capabilities, at lower prices and increased availability.

In a post-pandemic world, the cyber threat remains up, but vigilance remains down

As the pandemic deepened and lockdowns were enforced, many organisations with large physical infrastructure footprints de-prioritised the need for red teaming. But what has this meant for the digital pandemic?

Celebrating 150 years of service

MOD Aberporth celebrate fifty years of service for three of their colleagues.

Royal Navy Aircraft Carrier Trains Against Threat Scenarios with Uncrewed Air Vehicle

QinetiQ successfully demonstrates the use of its uncrewed Banshee Jet80+ as ‘Red Air’ (enemy aircraft) for the first time from a British carrier.

2021 QinetiQ Endeavour Award winners announced

QinetiQ Australia is delighted to announce the University of Melbourne’s Breathe Easy Team as the winners of the 2021 QinetiQ Endeavour Award.

What does the future hold for Ship Air Integration?

QinetiQ has been conducting trials at sea for almost 80 years. As part of the Royal Aircraft Establishment, Chief Naval Test Pilot Eric Brown, landed Sea Hurricanes and Seafires on British carriers; his aptitude for deck landings led to his posting for the testing of carriers' landing arrangements before they were brought into service.

Social Value in UK Defence and Security

Social Value is the positive contribution to society that an organisation delivers; this can be measured through things such as job creation, environmental work, diversity and inclusion programmes, charitable work and more. Watch our industry-led panel discussion here.

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social value

As threats increase globally and become more sophisticated, Governments must plan, resource, test and train for a highly complex operational environment.

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