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Enacting Prototype Warfare: Information - the heart of the RAS ecosystem

The power of Land RAS comes from leveraging information shared between multiple systems. Get your copy of our Enacting Prototype Warfare report, delving into this topic in detail.

New smart shoe to make a big footprint in the leisure, athletic, defence and security markets

QinetiQ researchers have developed a futuristic smart shoe with multiple functionalities including smart textiles, flexible power storage, GPS tracking and physiological monitoring.

Guiding light: how lasers can inform military operations

Laser vibrometry uses directed beams of light to ‘listen’ to sounds.

Red teaming webinar
Red Teaming Webinar

What is Red Teaming and why would you want to carry out such an exercise on your own organisation? Find out in our free webinar.

Enacting Prototype Warfare: Use Case Scenarios

Robotics and Autonomous Systems play a key role in today's operational environments, but how would battles of years past have looked with RAS? We look at a famous WW2 scenario in our latest EPW blog.

AOC 1 Group Team Commendation Award

The success and outstanding outcomes of intensive flight trials to maximise the operational capabilities and flexibility of the Royal Navy’s Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers has been recognised by the award of an AOC 1 Group Commendation.

Dstl award £2.3 million Optical Ground Station contract to QinetiQ

QinetiQ has been awarded a £2.3 million contract to build a relocatable Optical Ground Station (OGS) capable of receiving high-speed data transmissions from space.

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