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TechWatch is our quarterly horizon-scanning technology publication. Today’s defence industry is ill-informed on which technologies might fundamentally disrupt it in the future. In order to adopt the very best innovations and processes in current and future operations, we need to keep in touch with developments in industries outside of our own.

TechWatch is a comprehensive assessment of technologies that will change the face of defence. Our experts study tech trends and developments, whilst also considering the practical applicability of them in our customers’ markets.

With a rich understanding of defence and national security, we are well equipped to guide you on where to place your technology bets for the future.

Our tenth edition: location, location, location

In this edition we take a more holistic approach to our focus on technologies, exploring the ethics of new technologies and how we manage them. Whilst the pursuit of TechWatch remains to provide thought leadership around technologies that are going to disrupt the way we operate, it is important to zoom the lens out too. 

The second deep dive moves back towards a specific technology area: alternative navigation systems. Defence and security need to shift away from our heavy reliance on vulnerable Global Positioning Systems (GPS), and our articles explain why and how.

We also have a feature on the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) from Las Vegas. As always, we begin with 10 news items, covering developments from the CES as well as ‘awareable’ devices, using walking to protect smartphones, and self-repairing electronics.

Other highlights include:

  • Q&A with Professor Stuart Russell OBE
  • Salt-grain-sized camera
  • BMW’s colour-changing car
  • Technology ethics in defence and security: today’s defence technologies and the ethical considerations around them 

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