Working with academic and industry experts, we examine emerging technologies and how they might disrupt the defence and security sector in the future. We identify the risks and opportunities associated with new innovations to provide an insight to decision-makers on how their adoption could overcome challenges and achieve operational advantage.

Edition 14: Redefining underwater military operations - a new horizon for defence technologies

In this edition we dive deep into the depths of our oceans as we explore the underwater domain and we take a behind-the-scenes look at horizon scanning.

We explore the extreme challenges of the underwater domain and its increasing importance to both critical infrastructure and as a battlespace. We take a look at the advancements in underwater technologies driven by offshore industries such as oil and gas, and how underwater military operations are being transformed by the creation of these intelligent systems, such as autonomous underwater vehicles and advanced sonar and sensor systems.

Our second deep dive goes behind-the-scenes of ‘horizon scanning’ - the process of identifying and monitoring emerging trends, challenges and opportunities that could impact an organisation's future. We take a look at the complexities of anticipating future developments and the techniques we can use to navigate them more effectively.

In addition to our deep dives, our expert horizon-scanners have put together a collection of short news stories which discuss some of the ground-breaking technologies and inspirational innovations that are currently in development across the globe.

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