We have a long track record and deep expertise in these technology areas, across the electromagnetic spectrum, from DC to light. We continue to invest and develop our expertise, keeping at the forefront of immerging and disruptive technologies such as quantum.

Working with a broad range of customers and partners spanning MOD, industry and academia, we provide research, concept assessment, product development, and test, evaluation and assurance services.

Using our comprehensive understanding of sensing, processing and data fusion, coupled with expert system engineering, we provide the systems and advice to achieve exceptional operational advantage for our customers.

For example, we designed and developed the ALARM radar specifically to provide sufficient warning of attacks from short-range low trajectory rockets. Developed from concept to fielded operational use in just 18 months the system has subsequently saved many lives.
Hiding and Seeking
An evolving and complex threat landscape (peer and peer+) means that defence organisations worldwide are facing adversaries that are using smaller, faster and more agile platforms. Discover our video and insights report on sensing technology and capability in today's complex environments, alongside our domain whitepapers and articles.
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