We have the ability to apply, configure, test, use and evaluate the performance of technology for digital networking and radio communication in all electromagnetic frequency bands (including optical).

We can work in every conceivable environment (near field, wide area, space, underwater, ionosphere), including novel configurations, and in constrained and challenging environments (e.g. low bandwidth, high error rates, size, power, weight, temperature, humidity, shock, bespoke human factors), and in particular regulatory contexts (e.g. air certified, subject to specific platform design authority requirements).

We can also apply known, novel and innovative cryptographic security to enable very high confidence digital resilience and survivability in the face of the most highly resourced, capable and determined adversaries in the context of defence and national security.

Position, Navigation and Timing (PNT) is critical to Government, military, critical national infrastructure and other demanding applications. We offer a variety of technologies that provide these mission critical users with continuously available, resilient and highly accurate PNT.

We have world class navigation expertise including in global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) and associated user receivers. We are experts in navigation resilience for demanding environments which are highly dynamic, and are under threat from interference/jamming, spoofing and RF cyber-attacks. We are also developing next generation, complementary GNSS-free technologies including navigation using signals of opportunity, celestial navigation and the utilising novel sensors.

Our award winning Q20HD high dynamics GPS receiver provides a unique capability that underpins the advanced complex weapons improving their effectiveness and reducing collateral damage. In its civilian variant, the same technology has ensured the effectiveness and safety of over 500,000 emergency service users (police, fire, ambulance).