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Create it, Test it, Use it

With a Defence and Security market that is changing rapidly, military customers around the world are looking to deliver a step-change in the pace of force generation against a backdrop of continuing fiscal pressures and a rapidly evolving threat landscape

Threats are increasing and becoming more sophisticated, making for a highly complex operational environment that Governments must plan, resource, test and train for. New technology and systems need to be put into the hands of war-fighters quicker with military systems getting more complex, often building on innovation in the civilian world.

We strongly believe that delivering effective Defence Capability that is safe to operate and performs as expected requires Test & Evaluation (T&E) to represent the environment and threat that an asset or capability could be exposed to.

Thanks to our delivery of T&E services in the UK, through our unique 25-year Ministry of Defence Long Term Partnering Agreement, and in our overseas markets, we have built up extensive experience across the breadth of T&E services, including T&E capability design, development and operation, provision of representative threats, trials design, trials delivery and data evaluation. We combine access to a diverse set of T&E capabilities, including ranges and facilities, with cross-disciplinary scientific and engineering expertise, operational know-how and broad-ranging global partnerships. As a system-agnostic technology and engineering company with deep roots into the military, we offer a unique blend of operational ethos, technical capability and a collaborative mind set.

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We have a long and proven history of designing, building, operating and sustaining modern T&E capabilities for our customers’ advantage.

UK Carrier Strike Programme

QinetiQ is a trusted and impartial partner to the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence, supporting and enabling the safe and timely delivery of this national programme, referred to as the ‘UK Carrier Strike Group’. Working at the heart of the programme, QinetiQ has been involved throughout the design, test, evaluation and force generation in both of the Queen Elizabeth-class carriers as well as other components of the total capability.

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QEC Feature
The Fundamentals of Test & Evaluation in Defence

With the world as we knew it 12 months ago - pre-2020 - now even more complex and uncertain, we decided to go back and look at the fundamentals of why and how we do what we do for our customers around the world.

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Fundamentals Feature
Digital Experimentation Platforms

We discuss the benefits of creating an enduring digital experimentation environment that can operate across a programme enterprise and examine barriers to success.

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Digital Experimentation Platforms
Aerospace Mag
Aerospace Magazine: Test, test and test again

May 2021 article from QinetiQ’s specialist Engineer for T&E capability, Dr Adrian Britton examines the value and role of test beds in military aircraft preparedness.

Battlespace: The value and role of Test Beds in military preparedness

March 2021 article in Battlespace by our Specialist Engineer T&E Capability, Dr Ade Britton on the importance of test beds for military preparedness.

Defence IQ: Bringing Test and Evaluation into the digital future

QinetiQ’s technical manager, Dr Adrian Britton examines the value and role of test beds in military aircraft preparedness.

The Value and Role of Test Beds to Enable System Integration, Spiral Upgrades and Rapid Systems Experimentation

In this series of articles, QinetiQ experts outline how a modern Test & Evaluation (T&E) enterprise allows military customers to rapidly and safely experiment with new technologies and processes.

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Test Beds Feature
Test & Evaluation Capabilities

We operate a broad range of test and evaluation capabilities across air, land and sea, including ranges, ground facilities and chambers.

Test & Evaluation Facilities

We manage a wide range of world-class facilities, from a 5m Wind Tunnel to one of the largest hydrodynamic facilities in the world.

Proud members of ITEA

QinetiQ works closely with and supports the International Test and Evaluation Association.