UK Government and organisations within Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) will remain attractive targets for disruptive, foreign-nation-state activity and organised criminal groups into the foreseeable future.

This demands a comprehensive and evolved approach to digital security and resilience that is capable of responding rapidly to ever-changing threats throughout the development, procurement and operational phases of its lifecycle.

The convergence of the worlds of Cyber and the electromagnetic spectrum is leading to new opportunities and risks for our customers. The use of the electromagnetic spectrum to exploit system and infrastructure vulnerabilities is not a new concern but one that is gathering momentum with the proliferation of embedded electronics.

We help customers achieve superior, mission critical levels of security by managing risk and boosting resilience. Our work enhances national security, protects critical infrastructures, and creates competitive advantage. For example, in the energy sector of CNI we have helped customers to understand their risk exposure to electromagnetic attack and achieve enhanced resilience for several critical installations. In the financial sector, our penetration testing service is perceived as world class and has substantially enhanced our clients’ security.