Working across multiple domains for a range of military and commercial customers, our expertise in platform and system design and assessment enables customers to generate capability and deliver operational effectiveness.

Our track record in the Maritime, Land, Air and Space domains stretches across the CADMID cycle (concept, assessment, development, manufacture, in-service and decommissioning) delivering innovative solutions to challenging problems throughout a platform’s life.

Our ability to harness modern computer modelling, such as Computational Fluid Dynamics and Finite Element Analysis, validated through specialist experimental facilities such as the Ocean Basin, Ship tank and 5m wind tunnel, provides our customers with access to world class expertise.

Recent success stories include input into the design of the UK’s Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers and, in partnership with Boeing, our aerodynamicists have played a crucial role in the development of modern advanced aircraft such as Boeing’s 787 and 777X.

Prototype Warfare

Prototype Warfare is a concept that has been discussed by military strategists and commentators for nearly 20 years. Now we need to make it reality.

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Prototype Warfare