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Why is there a need for Mission-Led Innovation?
Every organisation, worldwide, is under pressure to change: budgetary pressures, to cope with rapidly evolving threats, to take advantage of new technologies, or because they recognise the need respond quickly and prepare to cope with uncertainty. Innovation is often the way that organisations respond to these pressures – it is vital to helping modernise and gain operational (or business) advantage.

Why now?
The world is fundamentally different; the ‘mission’ changes with greater frequency compared to the past, no matter which market, geography or function you operate within. Traditional innovation or research processes often deliver results that are defunct by the time they come to fruition. Mission-Led Innovation is therefore critical today, as the pace of change requires faster and adaptable innovation processes to keep focus on the mission; getting ahead and staying ahead of the threat.

What are the key characteristics of Mission-Led Innovation?

  • Customers - being totally customer and user centric: defence, critical infrastructure, security
  • Operational outcomes - focussing on things that are going to make significant, measurable difference to our customers and end-users
  • Collaboration - working with our customers, end-users and our partner ecosystem collaboratively – jointly coming up with the solution that is best for the situation.
  • Complexity - dealing with complex problems, situations and environments which require our expertise and experience and that of our partner ecosystem
  • Pace - working iteratively to ensure that they get the capability embedded in the operations as soon as possible

How do we deliver it successfully?
To deliver Mission-Led Innovation effectively, we use a mix of skills and capabilities; from R&D to customer engagement, as well as the means to link these together to deliver the assured solution. There bring expertise in integrating the broad spread of requirements – both technical and operational – to keep innovation focused on a customer’s constantly moving mission. We use diverse teams and our ecosystem of partners ranges from academia and Small/Medium Enterprises to large enterprises.

  • Mission-Led Innovation has a different mind-set with behaviours that include more trust between our teams and our customer’s and partner’s teams. Success requires a shift to a relentless focus on the customer mission, with a collaborative approach that leverages the best that each ecosystem can bring in order to deliver the right outcomes for the customer.




Mission-Led Innovation in a global pandemic

The last 12 months has demonstrated that when the mission is clear and urgent, innovation can be both rapid and hugely effective. Read how the COVID-19 pandemic and the rapid development of vaccines are an exceptional example of Mission-Led Innovation.

What can Mission-Led Innovation do for our customers?

Customer focus is a core characteristic of Mission-Led Innovation and its sole purpose is to deliver outcomes for our customers, whether they be Defence, Security, Critical Infrastructure or internal customers.

The case for Mission-Led Innovation

Keeping innovation focused on the mission is vital in ensuring military forces, security services and operators of critical infrastructure stay ahead of adversaries through technological superiority. We have identified a series of principles which we believe can help to ensure success.

Innovation Frameworks