Military & Intelligence Messaging System

SAFEmail® extends COTS Microsoft Outlook and Exchange message functionality to enhance military and intelligence messaging capabilities.


It enables the safe handling and control of a wide range of sensitive data from unclassified data to the high levels of restricted Government Classifications, at SECRET and above, across a variety of messaging environments.

  • Modularity improves flexibility across all grades of messaging
  • Quickly conforms to existing and new messaging standards
  • Enhanced message security with ‘label-based’ access control
  • Supports ‘role-based messaging’ to meet military needs
  • Integrates with MS Outlook, provides an intuitive and simplified user interface for all levels of messaging, and reduces training
  • Seamlessly integrates with the latest Microsoft platforms (Office 2016, Exchange Server 2016 and earlier versions)
Unique selling points

SAFEmail® delivers a secure interoperable communication process across the entire messaging environment, making it the ideal solution for use in the complex, modern coalition military operations environment. Not only will SAFEmail® transform your commercial MS Outlook and Exchange messaging solution into a fully capable Military Message Handling System, it also fully adheres to NATO and international communications standards.

Technical features
  • Modular architecture for unparalleled flexibility and scalability across High, Medium and Basic grade desktops
  • Supports conformance to the latest versions of formal ‘High Grade’ military messaging standards, including STANAG 4406 and 4774/8, ACP123, RFC6477, RFC7444 and S/MIME V3
  • Integrates transparently with any EDRMS system supporting the CMIS interface (e.g. Documentum, Alfresco, SharePoint)
  • Full standards conformance on a Microsoft-based COTS client and server platform reduces overall costs of compliance