Opportunities to develop and grow at QinetiQ


Listening to feedback, we know that one of the areas in which we can make the most difference to our people is through helping them to learn, develop and grow their careers. With this in mind, as an important addition to the Learning & Development element of our employee offering, in August we launched LinkedIn Learning.

Since then, many of us have taken advantage of 24/7 unlimited access to over 16,000 business, design and technology online courses. With colleagues working across a wide range of job roles, this new platform enables them to search for content specific to the areas in which they work and at a time and place that suits their day-to-day schedule.

We caught up with Mark, Director of Customer Accounts QTS, to find out about his experience of the platform so far and what impact it has had on both his career and personal development.

What do you think of LinkedIn Learning as an addition to our learning and development tools?

LinkedIn Learning is a great addition to our learning tools. It is free for anyone to access, and enables colleagues to learn new or refresh skills in business, technology, and creative subjects. It is an excellent platform for casual learning and career advancement pursuits. This platform is also great for preparing for professional certification assessments and maintaining existing certifications. It also assists colleagues with their personal development.

What does the introduction of the platform mean for your personal or career development?

Having the ability to access a multitude of training material allows me to conduct quick ‘lunch and learn’ sessions for personal development activities which in turn support the business strategy and my personal development goals. You can set goals within your own library for subjects you are interested in, and set the amount of learning time you have available. For example, I set a career goal for the next 6 to 12 months to grow and advance in my current role, with a minimum training time of 30 minutes a week.

What impact has the platform had for you so far?

I have found that conducting my selected training allows me to re-trigger my leadership, coaching and mentorship skills and develops my knowledge on new technologies and techniques to support my team and the business. I highly recommend that colleagues do some personal lunch and learns on subjects that interest them, doing something different to what you normally do day to day reaps such great benefits.

At QinetiQ, we take a blended approach to learning, with a mix of on-the-job experience, virtual and live training and access to a wide range of resources; so we are very excited about this new addition to our employee offering.

From early careers and developing managers to established leaders, we endeavour to enable growth for our people. You can find out more about life at QinetiQ through taking a look at our employee offering here.