QinetiQ in Germany provides superior live Aerial Targeting Services to German Forces (Bundeswehr) and NATO forces, which includes ground units, naval vessels, military air operations and air defence systems.

Our fleet of Pilatus PC-9 and PC-12 aircraft, flown by our highly skilled, military-trained pilots, deliver a range of services including target towing, close air support, maritime air operations, ground control intercept training and air traffic control training. Our PC-9s offer customers up to two targets simultaneously with two aircraft in formation including one spare target and a distance of up to 3km from aircraft to target. With integrated sensors in the target and aircraft, we can provide instant results to our customers.

The team is also licensed to fly simulated attack manoeuvres and deliver Flying Test Bed key technology concept development and experimentation.

Services we deliver include:

  • Target towing for live firings and shooting campaigns
  • Forward air controller (Germany) and joint tactical air control (USAFE) training, with live video downlink (MX10) and Navigation Based System for Aerial Targeting (NASAT)
  • Asymmetric warfare support and renegade aircraft simulation for air and naval force training
  • Ground controller intercepts and radar controller training
  • Naval simulated attacks for air defence training and force protection
  • Red Air attacks for live fire training
  • Survival, evasion, resistance and escape (SERE) training
  • Air Traffic Control training
  • Maritime patrol aircraft SITREP missions (in preparation with PILATUS PC12).
  • Tactical air-to-air, air-to-ground and maritime air operations
  • Combat simulations and forward air controller training to include full motion video downlink
  • Asymmetric warfare support and renegade aircraft simulation for air and naval force training.

We offer Close Air Support training to customers, which includes Air-to-Surface Integration, Full Motion Video and Navigation Based System for Aerial Targeting.

Air-to-Surface (ASI) Integration

  • Close Air Support (CAS) dry runs with single a/c and/or multi-ship formation
  • Training support according to current NATO and US CAS doctrine (e.g. STANAG 3797 – ATP- B, Joint Pub 3-09.3)
  • Initial training and exercise support for Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC)
  • Operating of EO/IR-sensors (MX-10 and MX-15 multifunctional camera)
  • Day/night mission support
  • Pre-deployment training support for specialised forces and units
  • Participation in national and international (NATO) exercises in Germany and Europe
  • Further development and integration of systems such as the DaCAS-system

Full Motion Video (FMV)

We support JTAC training by providing FMV Downlink in real-time to ground forces:

  • Airborne reconnaissance and target acquisition can be carried out with an MX10 or MX15 EO/IR-camera, equipped with sensors used for detection, classification and identification
  • Special operating forces are equipped with tactical gear to receive and evaluate real-time footage on their mobile devices
  • The real-time video transmissions support the evaluation of the overall situation and improve situational awareness in the area of operation
  • Day and night mission capability

NASAT (Navigation Based System for Aerial Targeting)

  • Using NASAT, we deliver realistic Forward Air Controller (FAC) / JTAC and Close Air Support
  • JTAC / FAC is operating within a tactical training environment; the instructor is supervising the scenario on a ground station and evaluates and debriefs by using the recorded flight profile and radio communication between JTAC / FAC and aircraft
  • All events (e.g. flight profile, simulated weapon release and impact) are displayed in real-time to create a dynamic and realistic environment
  • NASAT works as a weapon control computer so our PC-9 and PC-12 aircraft can simulate the employment of NATO effectors within realistic time frames
  • CAS simulation weapon employment