Advisory Services

We act as an independent partner for customers looking to procure services and develop capabilities.

Advisory Services

Weapons Safety and Advice

The Energetics and Weapons Technologies (EWT) Capability brings together modelling and experimental facilities to provide advice on all aspects of the weapons lifecycle; design, production, use in-service, storage and disposal.

Our energetics experimental facilities provide research, assessment and advice on the safe use of energetic materials in weapons systems.

Research underpins our scientific understanding of energetic materials and this is applied, with in-depth knowledge of munitions, to procurement issues and providing independent and impartial solutions and advice to problems throughout the life of weapons systems.

We have world-renowned expertise in high explosives, pyrotechnics, gun and rocket propellants and their application in systems as initiators, explosive trains, warheads, gun charges and rocket motors, as well as adhesives and smart materials used in munitions.

Frozen munitions

​Insensitive Munitions – Hazard Modelling & Assessment

We can assist you to reduce your munitions' vulnerability and improve its safety.

We offer Insensitive Munitions (IM) technical capabilities and expertise in:

  • IM systems design
  • Threat and cost benefit assessment
  • Mitigation advice
  • Hazard modelling
  • Hazard and system testing
  • Energetic materials & initiators
  • Armour and protection materials

Comprehensive testing facilities and capabilities allow us to conduct the most thorough suite of tests for hazard assessment purposes, the results of which can be used to assess the safety and suitability for service of newly developed explosives.

We also advise on the efficacy and risks of potential weapons designs or of existing In-Service munitions and the safe handling and safe use of all explosives, including new energetic materials.



Life Assessment & Qualification Testing

Our initial and in-service life assessment of the full range of complex and general weapons allows you to understand the critical ageing mechanisms of munitions components, and how they are affected by different environmental conditions.

This helps you to extend the life of your munitions and prevent unexpected failures and in-service defects. 

Our practical and scientific approach to weapon life assessment reduces cost of ownership and increases safety and reliability of weapon systems.

We offer a complete approach to weapons lifeing, covering in-service surveillance, generic testing to support surveillance, compatibility studies, an understanding of ageing mechanisms, environmental definition and modelling, and failure investigation.


Warhead testing

Warhead Design

Over our long history of weapon research we have developed wide-ranging capabilities to understand, predict and enhance warhead performance.

These capabilities have been successfully applied to new weapon systems currently entering UK service and to mid-life enhancement programmes through technology insertion.

Our scientists and engineers operate in a wide variety of disciplines and platforms across land, sea and air. Using our warhead design consultancy, you can be assured of:

  • Leading experts on all aspects of warhead design
  • Extensively equipped explosives laboratories
  • World-class hydrocode and analytical simulation
  • Energetic materials research and assessment
  • Full scale Test & Evaluation