Target Systems

Threat-representative targets and special mission platforms for air, land and sea. QinetiQ Target Systems offers a wide variety of unique and highly advanced training products and services improve the skills of military, law enforcement and security personnel.

Based on unmanned aerial, ground and surface vehicle targets, our solutions are specifically tailored to your training and test and evaluation objectives, and are designed to achieve the required balance of cost and threat fidelity.

We have a long history producing world-leading target command and control systems, scoring equipment and instrumentation to augment targets. We are recognized by the global defence industry for Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV) surveillance support services, with a highly successful track record on a variety of major unmanned vehicle programs.

Aerial targets

We provide a complete family of propeller-driven and jet-powered aerial free-flying targets, and are the only provider of high-performance, low-cost helicopter targets.

We offer complete flight and ground control systems including engines, avionics and payloads. We pioneered the simultaneous control of all our aerial, ground and surface targets and remain at the cutting edge of product development.

Land targets

Our land targets include the advanced Badger Unmanned Ground Vehicle-Target (UGV-T) and pop-up helicopter target system. The first generation Badger UGV-T has been used extensively worldwide for over 25 years, while Badger II was developed to meet specific air-to-ground training requirements.

The pop-up helicopter target system helps air target gunners learn—and maintain—the skills to defeat pop-up threats such as the Hind-D, Havoc and Hokum helicopters. QinetiQ pioneered the simultaneous control of its UGV-Ts and air and surface targets to enable the creation of more advanced training campaigns.

Naval targets

We are the world leader in highly advanced Unmanned Surface Vehicle-Targets (USV-Ts) and complementary tow targets, with turnkey systems for basic, intermediate and advanced live-fire naval training for piracy and Fast Inshore Attack Crafts (FIAC). We have produced over 350 naval targets for multiple nations.

In 2006, we used four Barracudas to demonstrate the capability of our multi-unit control technology and in 2010 became the first company in the world to demonstrate a swarm of 16 Hammerhead USV-Ts simultaneously, controlled by the Universal Target Control Station on a half-duplex UHF frequency.

These “Swarm-ex” events have established our status as a world leader in naval targets, and today we can operate up to 40 targets simultaneously.‎

Special mission vehicles

We specialize in developing custom unmanned vehicles for specific uses and have been delivering specialized air, land and sea platforms for over a decade.

Launchers for unmanned systems

We manufacture and supply elastic catapult and pneumatic launchers suitable for a wide range of air vehicles. Launching 250 kg air vehicles at 50 metres per second, our launchers can be purchased or leased. 

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