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Training Canada’s military to operate all these new capabilities is in itself a daunting task. However, even before new capabilities enter service, confirming capabilities and performance in all scenarios, identifying, and fixing vulnerabilities, and optimizing effectiveness comes first. Equally vital is knowing that technology upgrades and insertions into existing capabilities will also work as planned and not impact any interconnected systems.

Performance in these areas takes a special skill set - the talent and expertise to be able to test and evaluate the capabilities and effectiveness of specialized equipment on which thousands of men and women stake their lives.

QinetiQ is a world leader in developing and delivering effective, complex test and evaluation programs to our customers around the world.

QinetiQ Canada’s (QCI’s) Test and Evaluation (T&E) Sovereign Skills program is the first of its kind to invest in the development of T&E skills for Canada. QinetiQ will train Canadians with technical, behavioural and leadership competencies to successfully deliver quality T&E that is critical to our customers.

This Sovereign Skills program will bring Canadians to the UK for a comprehensive development program at our air, land and maritime T&E facilities. There, they will gain world-leading expertise gained from programs such as the Long-Term Partnering Agreement (LTPA) and Naval Combat System Integration Support Service (NCISS) with the UK Ministry of Defence.

With the transfer of these new skills and capabilities, those who have gone through the Program will have a role back in Canada supporting QCI’s customers by advising on and delivering critical, through-life T&E services.

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