Paramarine® is an integrated Naval Architecture design and analysis toolset. It enables seamless collaboration between global teams and maximises the efficiency of your designer's  creativity.


Modular Software

Paramarine® is a modular software package with Siemens PLM Parasolid® modelling tool at its heart. This means you, the user, can tailor the toolset to suit your needs by selecting the required modules in addition to the core modeller. Modules are fully integrated such that all design and analysis work takes place within one common environment thereby eliminating the need for data exports to other packages.

Team Paramarine

Team Paramarine® enables collaboration functionality for users located in different places wishing to work on the same design simultaneously. Paramarine®, the Naval Architecture toolset, is used locally on an individual's computer and links to a Team Paramarine® database repository hosted on a central server via an intranet or vpn connection. Administration of model manipulation tasks, user control, accounts, and other tasks are all handled within Team Paramarine® to deliver. A new and even more advanced, feature rich, version of Team Paramarine® is in testing and will be launched in the very near future.


Support and Training

Our development strategy ensures Paramarine® is updated both generically, and on a customer focused basis. Many of our users require specific functionality to analyse their innovative work. Implementation of agreed upgrades are provided as standard on future software updates. Additionally we provide training courses tailored to the customer’s needs, delivered either in country, or at our offices in the UK. Where necessary QinetiQ can provide design support services to assist.

Features & Benefits

Value for money naval architecture application for initial vessel design

Expandable with modules to meet your needs

3D NURBS geometry - easily visualise design and compartment definition

Reduced design time - rapidly generate complex hull forms/compartment subdivision

Intuitive GUI is extremely flexible and powerful, facilitating training and integration into the design office

Software is in continuous development

Bespoke solutions can be developed to meet customer needs

Supported by a range of training packages

Warships & Submarines

Paramarine is trusted by the UK MoD as a key design and operation component of the Royal Navy's fleet of warships and submarines. Extensively used by major international shipbuilders, Paramarine is being used to design the next generation of vessels including the Queen Elizabeth Class carriers and Dreadnought submarine fleet.

Megayachts & Leisure

Paramarine provides Naval Architects and Yacht Designers with powerful tools for turning your clients’ dreams into reality. Mega Yacht builders seek the benefits in using software data exchange with their manufacturing information models to rapidly develop concept designs for demanding clientele.  Let us help you succeed in winning the next mega project.

Commercial & Offshore

Paramarine's vast array of integrated tools ensure the Naval Architect can quickly and easily develop  safe and efficient designs. Modules for stability, resistance, powering, seakeeping, manoeuvring, structures, launching and docking are fully integrated for ease of parametric manipulation.