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Department Of Defense

QinetiQ US has expertise in providing comprehensive solutions spanning air, land, and sea. We empower our clients to effectively counter the ever-evolving range of threats, strengthen their military capabilities, and assist warfighters and personnel in the field by harnessing the power of autonomous technologies. Our advanced solutions not only streamline operational workflows, but also generate cost efficiencies, enhance asset protection, and, most importantly, play a crucial role in saving lives.


Our company stands at the forefront of expanding the scope of persistent surveillance along the borders of the US and its allies. By harnessing cutting-edge technologies like sensors, radar, and ISR mission operations, we export and equip our international customers with the necessary tools to detect, defend, and eliminate threats to their borders. The integration of sensors, software, and workflow automation through our SPADE software development is pivotal in enhancing our customers' operational capabilities. We offer a comprehensive defense intelligence solution to the market, and we actively pursue growth opportunities in high-potential sectors such as space, national intelligence, and global security.

Department Of Homeland Security

Our advanced technology plays a crucial role in safeguarding our nation's security by supporting customer missions and defending against both foreign and domestic threats. Our wide range of services and solutions are specifically designed to fortify our borders, bolster law enforcement efforts, and foster strong collaborations between federal and state agencies, all aimed at protecting our country's interests and ensuring utmost security.

Intelligence Community

With a focus on mission-led innovation, our Intel and Cyber solutions are instrumental in upholding national security by offering indispensable assistance to critical networks. Our team specializes in creating highly sophisticated products that are customized for various platforms, ensuring that they align perfectly with each customer's unique business needs