QinetiQ engineers solve cutting edge technological problems in close collaboration with our national defense and security customers to provide high quality solutions at pace.


The Next Generation Advanced Bomb Suit increases soldier readiness to respond to evolving threats by providing situational awareness, 360-degree ballistic protection, and reducing weight burdens via its modular scalable design.

U-RHex (MMP)

The U-RHEx is a short range reconnaissance (SRR) rotary wing payload. Weighing less than 6 pounds, this rugged, multi-band electro-optic/ infrared (EO/IR) on-board payload for the sUAS detects desired threats at standoff ranges in real-time.

ISR & Mission Operations

QinetiQ's range of Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) offerings provide flexible, innovative, and comprehensive solutions to help customers tackle the tactical and strategic challenges faced by the nation.

QinetiQ US'S ISR banner show casing one of QinetiQ's products

Advanced Cyber Tech

QinetiQ Advanced Cyber Tech offers cutting-edge advancements in Computer Network Exploitation (CNE) tools, offensive security, reverse engineering, vulnerability research, and IronCity DART support services.

QineitQ US's Advanced Cyber Tech banner that has blue background with hexagon shapes with locks on them to showcase our products are secure.

Information Advantage

QinetiQ US houses a team of highly skilled engineers and developers that specialize in identifying strategic needs and delivering a wide range of solutions, including full-stack web applications, embedded microcontrollers, and various other technologies.

QinetiQ US's Information Advantage banner with somebody working on a computer.

Multi-Domain Autonomous Systems

QinetiQ US offers a diverse range of multi-domain autonomous systems that are specifically designed to address mission requirements.

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