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Our customers and partners have access to our core capabilities wherever they are in the world.

Our international growth leverages the expertise and experience built in our home markets of the UK, US, Canada and Australia and makes it globally available through specific country operations and a range of joint ventures, collaborations and commercial representation.

Core Capabilities

  • Test and Evaluation
  • Robotics
  • Training
  • C4ISR

  • Cyber
  • Support to acquisition and transformation programmes


Our UK operations are focused on extensive research capabilities and our experience in Test and Evaluation (T&E) for the Ministry of Defence (MOD). Our collaboration with industry partners and the MOD in developing a long-term vision for T&E provides a springboard for the promotion of our capability internationally.


QinetiQ Canada provides a wide range of advisory, engineering and support services that use our Test & Evaluation expertise to help customers enhance their delivery capability. The recent integration of QinetiQ Target Systems provides a strong pipeline of business covering domestic and international markets.


Our European operations help both our military and commercial customers enhance capability, from sub-surface right through to space. The Flight Physiological Centre in Linköping, Sweden, provides world class training, research, test and evaluation facilities for aircrew. In Belgium, QinetiQ Space NV is one of Europe's leading space system integrators, building, launching and operating complex space infrastructure.

QinetiQ Space, Belgium

Our Space team in Belgium have been the country’s leading space systems integrators for more than 40 years.

We design, build, launch and operate complex space infrastructure and satellites. Our main customers are currently the European Space Agency (ESA) and the larger European space integrators (Astrium, Thales and OHB).

The PROBA remote sensing satellites were designed and built at our facilities near Antwerp, where today we deliver entire satellites and major satellite equipment including payload computers, remote terminal units and mass memories. Additional products include our Electric Propulsion and RF Communication equipment.

We are also a major contributor to the infrastructure of the International Space Station – developing and building the sophisticated instruments that allow scientists to:

  • Work in microgravity conditions
  • Conduct medical, physical and biological research
  • Create new materials
  • Carryout technological trials

QinetiQ Space is an AS9100revC/EN9100:2009 certified company since 2011 and as such, all our processes conform as a minimum to the requirements as set forth in both standards.

We employ around 120 people with extensive experience in space systems engineering, architectural design, mission design and satellite operations.

QinetiQ Sweden AB

As well as operating the Flight Physiological Centre in Linköping, QinetiQ Sweden has an office in central Stockholm. Our team focus on supporting the transfer of skills and knowledge from our global organisation, such as consulting, engineering and Test & Evaluation, to government, defence and commerical organisations in the Swedish and Nordic markets.

We operate the Flight Physiological Centre on behalf of the Swedish Defence Material Administration, FMV.

The Flight Physiological Centre offers:

  • Dynamic Flight Simulator (DFS) – a human centrifuge with free-flight-capable active gondola used for high-G training;
  • Hypobaric (altitude) chamber – for low pressure testing and hypoxia training;
  • Hyperbaric chamber – for high pressure testing and rescue;
  • Test pool – for parachute drill and survival equipment training.

The facilities and expertise we offer at the Flight Physiological Centre through our partnership with FMV are not available anywhere else in Europe and are among the best in the world.

For more information on the Flight Physiological Centre, visit the FPC website


Our recently acquired team in Germany are leading experts in aerial training services, aviation modification and customised engineering services for a range of military aircraft and systems. Our customers include the German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr), governmental organisations and US Armed Forces Europe. 

We have expertise spanning these capabilities:

  • Airborne services
  • Special-mission aircraft modification
  • Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) and Product Solutions
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United States of America

QinetiQ North America (QNA) offers advanced engineering and research and development for government, civilian, utility and commercial customers worldwide. With a product range covering unmanned systems, physical protection and remote measurement, and sensing and warning capabilities, QNA helps its customers shape the future through innovative products.

Technician inspecting plane


In Australia, we provide advice, services and integrated logistics support, including engineering training and delivery, across the aerospace, land and maritime domains of the defence market and to government, training and industry sectors. We act as an independent, objective and efficient design authority in defence decision-making, combining impartiality with deep technical understanding of our customers to deliver innovative solutions.