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Public Access

Due to the hazardous nature of work carried out by QinetiQ at MOD Hebrides, local residents, businesses, mariners and other visitors to the area need to be aware of the restrictions and control measures that are in place to keep them safe.

Red Flags

Red flags are located around the Rangehead Area. Red flags flying indicates that the Range is ACTIVE and members of the public are not permitted to enter. Red flags are always flown at full mast.


When the Range is ACTIVE, you will see various types of fixed and mobile barriers. You should never pass a closed barrier.

Danger/Prohibition Signs

Signs are located at points where the public may gain access to the site. These signs come in a variety of sizes and styles and are designed to warn members of the public that they are in the vicinity of the Range. If you come across one of these signs you must read it and comply with all instructions.

All of these measures exist for your safety, please obey them. If you have any questions about gaining entry to the Range, please contact Range Control on 01870 604449 or 01870 604435.

When can I gain access to the Range area?

When the Range is not active, the area is open to the public. Operational areas are not open to the public and are fenced, secured and identified accordingly.

How can I find out when the Range is active/not active?

Apart from the visual signals detailed above that indicate the status of the Range, we publish a weekly programme. This programme is also posted at key information points in surrounding residential and other populated areas. This information is subject to change at short notice, for the latest updates, please join our email alert service.

Red flag
Gate 5 Barrier