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Information for Mariners

For safety, parts of the Range Danger Area are temporarily cleared of shipping during firings.

  • Do not enter the Sea Danger Area when RED FLAGS are hoisted or RED BEACONS are lit
  • The RED BEACONS will be switched on and FLASH 30 minutes before firing begins and during the activity.

For the inshore areas announcements are made over VHF marine band radio at the start and end of activity. You may also be approached by one of our Range safety vessels. We request your co-operation for the safety of all concerned.

Larger scale activities occurring in the off-shore areas rely on Navigational warnings in place of radio announcements. The Range or a maritime patrol aircraft will call individual vessels as required using VHF Marine band radio.

What should I do before setting out?

Check the weekly Range Activity Programme for a guide to the active areas. Please note that the Programme may change at short notice with no opportunity to publish an update. Please always call for advice, latest updates and further details.

What should I do on the water?
  • Ensure your radar reflector is mounted correctly.
  • If an Automatic Information System is fitted ensure that it is powered and setup correctly.
  • Keep your VHF marine band radio on and listen for broadcasts on Channel 16 and 10/11.
  • You may be approached by one of our Range safety vessels. We request your co-operation for the safety of all concerned.

Range Control: +44 (0)1870 604449 or +44 (0)1870 604435

(Monday-Thursday, 08:30-17:00 & Friday 08:30-16:30 local time)

Recorded information out-of-hours


Channel 16 and 10/11 when the Range is active.

Please note that the Range monitors and records CCTV coverage of the inshore-areas for the purposes of safety monitoring and investigation. Members of the general public may be recorded by these cameras while out at sea. All recordings are held at MOD Hebrides and, unless a safety incident has occurred, they are erased after one calendar month.