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Engagement with Politicians and Political Donations - QinetiQ policy

Engagement with Politicians

As a large company we have a legitimate interest in the formulation and implementation of public policy as it affects our employees and ability to conduct business; politicians also have a legitimate interest in engaging with our knowledge and expertise. It is important, however, that there is no undue influence, or perceived influence, or corrupt intent in those interactions

As a QinetiQ employee, if you are approached to meet a politician or make a donation or have any questions about political activity you must contact the Head of Government Relations.

Note: We recognise the right of individuals to participate in the democratic process in a private capacity in their own time.

We recognise that engagement with politicians occurs as part of the normal day to day business of any large company in the UK, particularly so for one which is a vital part of both the National Security and defence infrastructure, and the innovation ecosystem. QinetiQ engages with UK politicians to ensure that they are aware of the relationships between QinetiQ, their constituents and the economy at both a local and national level; as well as the input of experience and expertise to help inform policy in the UK. As QinetiQ is a major employer and holds a significant amount of knowledge and expertise, which also gives politicians a legitimate interest in the activities of QinetiQ. It is important that this relationship is professional and in no way opens either party to the accusation that anything improper has occurred; that there has been any undue influence or that there was any corrupt intent.

There are also contractual agreements with our customers that relate to our engagement with politicians about certain issues, it is important that we abide by them.

Political donations

QinetiQ does not make political donations as that term is understood by Companies Act 2006, with reference to the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000

QinetiQ in the UK does not contract the services of serving politicians. QinetiQ in the UK does not make donations, in cash or in kind to political parties or to individual politicians, and does not support any individual political party.

Some events organised by political parties will be for the purpose of campaigning, fundraising or securing endorsement of their approach. QinetiQ does not make donations, in cash or in kind, and does not support any individual political party. Any attendance or participation in political events must be transparent and appropriate; it must be conducted in such a way that it is not possible to misconstrue our role.

We do recognise that individuals may, in their own free time, wish to make donations or provide support to political parties as part of the normal democratic process. This support may be through the provision of their professional knowledge or skills without charge. This must be in their own time; they must make clear that they are participating in purely personal capacity and it must not involve the use of any corporate or government resources.


Contact us

For further information, please contact QinetiQ Press Office on +44 (0) 1252 39 3500 or email PressOffice@QinetiQ.com