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Today’s defence industry is ill-informed on which technologies might fundamentally disrupt it in the future. In order to adopt the very best innovations and processes in current and future operations, we need to keep in touch with developments in industries outside of our own.

TechWatch is a comprehensive assessment of technologies that will change the face of defence. Our experts study tech trends and developments, whilst also considering the practical applicability of them in our customers’ markets.

With a rich understanding of defence and national security, we are well equipped to guide you on where to place your technology bets for the future.


The third edition: Defending the information realm 

Our third edition deep dives into secure communication and cyber and electromagnetic activities (CEMA).  Specifically, we explore how to maintain the protection of data despite growing vulnerabilities, and address the challenges of an electromagnetic threat. But how do you protect against an attack you can’t even see?

Other topics to expect:

  • the world’s first ‘smart’ contact lens display
  • generating electricity ‘out of thin air’
  • blockchain – more to crypto than bitcoin
  • secure communications in the wake of quantum

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