The Deployable Fourth Industrial Revolution

Industrial innovation is driving a new range of intelligent tools and services into the open market to be accessed by anyone with sufficient resources.

Defence, security and critical infrastructure organisations now face a stark challenge – how to rapidly convert emerging commercial technology into assured deployable capability with the power to deliver real advantage in mission-critical environments.
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Technology adoption hazards

Technology adoption hazards

Challenges and Pitfalls in Adopting New Technology

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deploying prototype warfare

A Critical Next Step

The right choices for successful human-machine teaming

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Helicopter landing on an aircraft carrier

Battle in beta mode

The age of Prototype Warfare

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1440x1384 4iR-FINANCE

Deployable 4iR

The effective deployment of 4iR technology as an assured capability in mission critical environments is becoming a vital priority for global security. Achieving this requires a significant change of approach.

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electric propulsion insights

How electric propulsion will shape the next generation of military vehicles

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Plane smoke trail with data

Defining Agility

Download our latest insights piece exploring with industry exactly what agility is.

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Big data

Five things defence can learn from industry’s big data journey

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To succeed we must learn to fail faster

The role of failure in matching the pace of technological change in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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4iR office

4iR and New Economics

What should we expect from the economic models born out of the newest industrial revolution?

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Staying Live

The rising value of live testing in an increasingly digitised defence environment

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Power of the user

Why taking users on the deployment journey is critical for the effective use of 4iR technology in mission-critical environments.

Avoiding the unexpected consequences of BYOD

Commercial organisations have, for some time now, been exploring and exploiting ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) as a way to increase flexibility and reduce costs by utilising their employees’ use of their own technology in the workplace.

Leadership and management in a 4iR world

Freyja Lockwood, Senior Consultant at QinetiQ, leads a discussion on how new approaches to leadership and management may be required to enable the successful utilisation of emerging technologies in mission critical environments.

Test and evaluation of adaptive intelligent systems

Adaptive Intelligent Systems are among several emerging technologies being applied across a range of environments as part of a widespread shift in the technology we use every day, under the banner of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4iR).

The bigger picture

The Fourth Industrial Revolution presents us with an opportunity to shape the way we work in advance of the technological changes that we can’t necessarily anticipate. But it’s not just about technology; there are so many other factors to consider.

A fine balance - why we struggle to regulate the deployment of autonomous systems

The ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ is delivering a raft of emergent technologies into the defence and security environments that are challenging current legal and regulatory practices.

Putting people first - 4iR moves into maritime

In its report – The Ocean Economy in 2030 – the OECD identifies that the maritime industry is poised to undergo a profound transition and create the potential to double its contribution to global value creation.

Securing the spectrum - why information management alone won’t keep a 4iR world safe

In cities across Europe, car thieves are using GSM-jamming devices to disable vehicle security systems.