MOD Pendine is located on the southwest coast of Wales, a 20 minute drive from the town of Carmarthen. The range is situated in Pendine itself and has a land area of 20.5km² which consists of several different areas, each with individual capabilities. The 9km of shoreline has been used in the past for aircraft landing training sorties, while the large Sea Danger Area stretches over approximately 18km². It also has an Air Danger Area which extends up to 23,000ft. The section of coastline is known for its high tidal range of up to 8m.

These natural features, coupled with today’s infrastructure and expertise, mean that the site continues to provide a key MOD facility for test, evaluation and training support activities.

The Range is divided into three geographical sections; West, Central and East. The facilities in the different areas vary considerably, but most consist of prepared, safe areas with permanent buildings and power supplies. Staff and equipment are moved between the ranges as required by the schedule of work. Pendine’s Long Test Track (LTT) facility, suitable for high-speed dynamic trials, is unique in the UK.