Hunting and Trespassing

Trespass is the physical entry by a person onto the land without the owner’s permission. Trespass and poaching can also be defined as shooting a firearm from a public road or footpath and then sending dogs on to private land to recover the game.

Trespassing and poaching (which also includes the use of traps and weapons other than firearms) are covered by the Poaching Prevention Act 1982 and the Hunting Act 2004. The use of firearms is covered by the Firearms Act 1968. The Range at MOD Pendine is also covered by MOD Byelaws.

It is an offence to trespass on land or in buildings whilst in possession of a firearm without reasonable excuse and lawful authority. It is also an offence to be in a public space while in possession of a loaded shotgun or loaded air weapon, or any other firearm (loaded or unloaded), together with suitable ammunition.

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