Advance Alert Service and Weekly Forecast

QinetiQ is always looking for ways to improve communications between the range at MOD Pendine and the public. We have responded by introducing an Advance Alert Service and Weekly Forecast which provides advance notice of those activities which may be more perceptible. This weekly forecast can either be downloaded or can be received as a weekly email by registering to a free alert service by sending an email request to

This schedule is subject to not only the daily acoustic forecast, but also to tide times, weather conditions and operational requirements. Any one, or a combination of these factors, may mean that the activity has to be cancelled and rescheduled at short notice and it may not always be possible to provide you with an updated schedule of work.

We have also introduced a tannoy announcement system which can be heard from the beach near the lookout tower which will provide public announcements on beach access. Please ensure you listen to any announcements as they may be advising you that the Range is now active and asking you to move away from the MOD part of the beach.

Sirens may also be heard on some occasions. Please do not be alarmed these are for site employees only.

Please note: QinetiQ conducts work at MOD Pendine on behalf of the MOD, under contract with the Secretary of State for Defence. Because of the nature of the work, QinetiQ is limited as to the level and detail of information it can provide in these communications.

Any advance alerts and weekly programme information has been generated for the purposes of informing the public as to QinetiQ’s scheduled operations at the MOD Pendine Range and it is acknowledged that the information may be included in other websites and publications. Please note that QinetiQ does not accept responsibility for or endorse any independent website or publication which features this information.