Information for Mariners

A Guide to Navigating the Sea Danger Area

Carmarthen Bay, Pendine Sands, Laugharne Sands and the mouth of the River Taf are popular areas for recreational water sports, including Kayaking, sailing and fishing. The MOD Pendine Range operates a Sea Danger Area (SDA), which is applied in the interest of public safety and to ensure that the Range can operate without presenting a risk. The activities at Pendine Range are supported in law by Statutory Instruments 1973 (No. 1627) and 1981 (No 475); The Proof and Experimental Establishment Pendine Bye Laws.

The operating hours of Pendine Range are from 0800 hrs to 1615 hrs, Monday to Friday throughout the year. However, these hours may be extended either side of those times with very little notice. The flying of red flags and the Lima flag indicates when the range is active.

Range Control will ensure that the Sea Danger Area (SDA) in use is clear of all sea vessels and craft before firing commences. This is achieved by visual lookouts positioned at the eastern and western extremities of the Range and a visual and radar watch maintained by the Range Safety Boat. This vessel, which can be contacted on channel 16 on the Marine Band, will inform the Milford Haven Coast Guard of the closure of the SDA to the public.

If there are static vessels within the active sea areas the Safety Boat will try to make contact on the marine radio. If unsuccessful the Safety Boat will be dispatched to intercept the vessel and request that it move out of the SDA.

If you are unfamiliar with navigating in the area or if you believe you have a legitimate reason to request entry to the SDA, then for your own safety, and that of others, you must contact MOD Pendine as follows:

Marine VHF: Channel 16

Your safety is of paramount importance. Please follow the instructions and guidance issued by the Range Safety Boat which operates in the vicinity of the danger area. Always seek permission to enter and never assume that the SDA is safe to enter, simply because you cannot see or hear any activity.

Danger Zone Buoy Co-ordinates

DZ Buoy Latitude Longitude OS Grid Ref (SN)
1 51° 42' 02" N 04° 35' 55" W SN 20448 03449
2 51° 39' 57" N 04° 37' 39" SN 18435 00015
3 51° 37' 21" N 04° 37' 45" W SN 18024 94846
4 51° 35' 42" N 04° 30' 00" W SN 26858 91475
5 51° 36' 31" N 04° 24' 07" W SN 33688 9245
6 51° 38' 06" N 04° 24' 07" W SN 33795 95694
7 51° 38' 05" N 04° 30' 05" W 26913 95895
8 51° 41' 30" N 04° 24' 18" W 33791 02002
9 51° 43' 24" N 04° 24' 20" W 33868 05524
10 51° 43' 45" N 04° 34' 42" W 21961 06580
Pendine Sands