Public Access to the Land Danger Area

The Land Danger Area includes the foreshore at low tide. Red flags and Lima flags are flown to show when the Range is active.

Brill Gate & Ginst Point

Ginst Point is accessible through Brill Gate (SN 28902 07980) when the Range is not operational. Public access is permitted if the automatic gate is open. Please DO NOT attempt to enter if the gate is closed. Anyone wishing to gain access to the residential tenant farms must contact the Main Gate using the intercom system situated at Brill Gate.

Pendine Beach

Pendine beach and foreshore are owned by the MOD and are classed as part of the Land Danger Area. During normal operational hours (0800 hrs to 1615 hrs) and on some weekends throughout the year when the Range is active, the beach area may be cordoned off. The prohibited area is clearly marked with cones, flags and a public safety sign, warning of the Danger Area.

If you would like to know if the beach is open to the public please contact or check the weekly forecast.

Brill Gate