Farnborough Air Show, 16-22 July 2018

In today’s fast-changing world, you have to be agile and adapt quickly to keep ahead. Success no longer comes from using standalone processes, technologies and tools. It comes from finding new ways of linking them together and enhancing them through knowledge and understanding drawn from a variety of disparate sources. We call this approach ‘Integrated Capability Generation and Assurance’ and it is how we help our customers generate greater agility as a route to achieving operational and competitive advantage.

Everything we do is geared around helping you generate and use that agility to drive progress. We help you predict what’s coming next, prepare for tomorrow, exploit new disruptive technologies, and integrate everything into a single seamless approach to delivering your future advantage.

If you would like to visit our Chalet (A1), where you can meet some of our leading experts, take a look around our exhibition space and see demonstrations of how we deliver innovative and mission-critical solutions for our customers, please contact events@qinetiq.com 

Laser technology

Research & Experimentation

The rapid pace of technological advancement and digital disruption demands a new approach to innovation in defence, security and critical infrastructure. We are a world-leading centre of excellence in R&D, and act as catalyst for fast track innovation, offering outstanding experimentation facilities, technical, engineering and scientific expertise.

Our innovation networks facilitate collaboration across industry, academia and government, giving access to new thinking and enabling you to respond quickly to new opportunities and challenges. Our focus is on providing our customers with disruptive solutions for the future. Today we are leading research into advanced materials, power sources, autonomy, cyber systems, advanced sensing and imaging and weapons.

Missile launching in the Hebrides as part of Formidable Shield 17

Test & Evaluation

Agile Test & Evaluation is critical to ensuring high performing and ever more complex defence and information systems are assured. We remain at the forefront of Test & Evaluation. We operate some of the most advanced land, sea and air ranges in the world.

Now, we’re combining our ability to manage live-fire exercises with the benefits of digital infrastructure that blends real-life and synthetic testing. We enable real-time test data to be shared securely, across multiple sites worldwide, so we can ensure more rapid, accurate evaluation and even greater technical collaboration between partners than ever before.
Training and rehearsal

Training & Rehearsal

The rapid introduction of new technology, new types of threats and the high cost of running live rehearsals present new challenges to training personnel. Our capabilities allow us to deliver both real and simulated training and rehearsal exercises that represent modern and realistic battle scenarios.

Our expertise in designing synthetic training exercises and running simulated rehearsals enable safe and cost-effective training of forces and testing of interoperability between different nations and across all domains. Through capturing and analysing extensive systems data from simulated and live missions, we can link different forces together, enhance learning and optimise performance. This helps improve warfighting capability and operational readiness.
Cyber image with binary code and fingerprint

Cyber & Security

Effective protection of assets, data and communications is an essential prerequisite in our high threat, modern, digitally connected society, but these must be enabled by systems and capabilities that produce high quality trusted intelligence.

We provide a comprehensive range of products and capabilities across the cyber, security and intelligence spectrum. We are a leader in the provision of physical asset protection, integrating systems, as well as innovating and developing new capabilities to meet the evolving threat environment. We help secure our customers vital assets against the most determined adversary, constantly adapting to meet their needs. We have developed leading secure communication products designed to operate in hostile environments. We provide secure navigation and communication systems to meet military, government and civilian needs.