What we do

We are a company of over 6,000 dedicated people providing technological and scientific expertise that helps our customers protect, improve and advance their vital interests.

By listening to and anticipating your needs, we can provide unique solutions that combine our depth of knowledge and experience with a collaborative and enterprising approach. We work across every aspect of the life cycle of critical equipment and infrastructure, providing services and products that address our customers' most pressing challenges. Our breadth and depth of experience spans many markets and industries.


Whatever the aeronautical challenge, we can help. From integrating and upgrading complex systems to maximise existing assets, to redefining the limits of human performance by re-creating many of our planet’s harshest environments.

We collaborate with our military and industry customers to de-risk and accelerate programmes without compromising compliance, delivering effective capability when and where they need it.

Land & Critical Infrastructure

To keep people, places and platforms safe and secure, physical protection systems need to continue to evolve. This requires a deep understanding of our customers’ needs and significant scientific and technological innovation. Alongside universities and industry experts, we’re constantly researching ways to make our land systems smaller, lighter and smarter. For 40 years, we’ve also been pioneering the shift towards unmanned ground vehicles and robotics.


We test and design naval mission systems for the likes of the Ministry of Defence (MOD), Royal Navy and BAE Systems. Our customers come to us for a battle-winning edge. We’re at the forefront of the ever-changing naval landscape, thanks to our extensive network of research partners and our constant testing, assessment and optimisation of systems and components for safety and efficiency.  


Military, commercial and government organisations depend heavily on complex communications and information infrastructures. As threats to these systems arise in increasingly sophisticated environments, our customers need a partner they can rely on when it matters. Our Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) teams have over 60 years' experience resolving the most complex issues in this area and maximising the operational and business effectiveness of our customers.


System failure, data theft, inappropriate use, unauthorised access, cyber-attacks. The world’s data and the systems that hold it face challenges every day, so security is paramount. We help our customers protect the independence and integrity of their critical infrastructure, improve the interoperability of their systems and help them test, evaluate, experiment, exercise and train their employees in defending their critical business systems to reduce and overcome threats before they happen.


As the space industry continues to grow rapidly there are huge opportunities for our customers, particularly for critical infrastructure and national security. We are one of Europe's leading space system integrators, demonstrating applications that have never been implemented before. We build, launch and operate complex space infrastructure and our technical expertise and unique technologies enable us to deliver flexible and customised solutions, ensuring our customers' future advantage.


With operational demand increasing, protecting and advancing the interests of our Armed Forces is paramount. We rigorously test weapons to make sure they're accurate, reliable and effective. We're able to go from research to cutting-edge technology fast. And we work closely with the weapons supply chain to get that new technology into troops' hands without delay.


Our robots can support a variety of operations from bomb disposal to natural disasters to cargo handling, helping to increase safety and reduce the burden on troops, commanders and first responders. We have more than 40 years’ experience in designing, developing and operating tactical robotics to keep military personnel and civilians out of danger. Our unmanned ground vehicles are operationally proven to handle some of the world’s harshest environments.


We deliver realistic operational scenarios to help our military and commercial customers bring out the best in their people and get the most from their technologies. Our training systems are precisely designed to meet individual requirements, but with built-in flexibility to account for future adaptations. Simulation and virtual reality replace high cost, low availability assets to deliver affordable, measurable and repeatable scenarios.  

Advisory Services

For us, everything starts with a problem that needs a solution. We act as an independent, technical partner for customers looking to procure defined services and develop specific capabilities. We help them diagnose, rationalise and solve intractable problems by providing analysis, advice and assurance. Whether operating on the ocean floor, or in orbit around Mars, we get under the skin of a problem to enable our customers to make sound decisions about cost, time and performance.