Undergraduate Placements

'Year in Industry' Placement Students

As a Year in Industry Placement Student you will be enrolled into QinetiQ’s year-long placement programme. This has been designed to give you maximum exposure to the company as well as all the necessary training for your selected role.

You will be assigned to a Skill Group based on your expertise and experience. The wide diversity of roles within the Skill Groups ensures that a host of disciplines will be able to find a place within the group. Once situated, you will be given access to world class technology, unique facilities and a strong support network to help develop your knowledge.

You will be able to rotate through your department giving you a wider exposure to the work QinetiQ is involved in and understand how your degree fits into the company. These rotations will give you a wider understanding of the potential applications of your degree. You will experience a wide range of activities and locations across the UK as you develop your knowledge and experience.

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Summer Placement Students

Would you like to experience a taste of life at QinetiQ? Then why not come and join us on a Summer Placement?

You will join one of our teams and we will give you a real job, with real responsibilities. We hope to help you expand your horizons, encourage your personal and professional development and excite you so you start thinking of making QinetiQ your chosen employer following University. If you are studying Maths, Physics, or any discipline within Engineering apply for one of our positions. All our positions will require security clearances to have been completed before starting. These roles will require the holder to be able to obtain full security clearance. To gain clearance you will normally have had to have been a resident in the UK for a minimum of 5 years, regardless of nationality.

Although each specialisation has unique requirements, there are a few little things you’ll need regardless of which big opportunity you choose. Along with the confidence to try new and challenging experiences, you’ll need to be enthusiastic about learning, love being part of a team and eager to deliver results.

We want to make sure you get the most from your time with us. That’s why once you join we’ll work out ambitious but achievable goals for you. Then through the support of a buddy and regular reviews with your manager, we’ll help you achieve them. If all goes well, we may even offer you a graduate role!

Please note: Applications for our 2019 undergraduate placements are now closed. Applications for 2020 placements will open in Autumn 2019.



Lorna Bodenham - Summer Placement Student

I first approached QinetiQ looking for work experience age 17. I was interested in doing Physics at university however wanted to make sure that the subject, and its relative career paths, were for me. It’s safe to say that I loved what I saw; I am now in my third year of university and looking forward to returning to QinetiQ this year as part of their Summer Placement Programme.

On application, what was initially so appealing was the sheer size and range of services and expertise held by the company. Having had experience working there, it is now also the people, and more generally the ethos of QinetiQ, which always has me wanting to return.

From the offset, I was given ample support and made to feel right at home in the company. The friendly and inclusive atmosphere shapes a fun and inspiring place to work and the wide variation of projects means that every employee is able to put into practice a broad range of skills, both Physics related and not.

For me, perhaps what I appreciate most about QinetiQ is the opportunity to work on cutting edge technology with leaders in their field. This opportunity is made yet sweeter by responsibility and respect offered to each project member. Whether they be experienced specialist or newly-starting-out undergraduate, every employee is trusted and encouraged to reach their maximum potential, in order to help develop novel and imaginative solutions to often never before asked questions.


Christian Taylor – Year in Industry Placement Student

Whilst I was studying for my undergraduate degree in Physics at the University of Bath I developed a keen interest in working within the Defence Sector. As part of my course, I undertook a Year In Industry placement. The weapons division at QinetiQ really grabbed my attention for the novel and interesting work they were undertaking. After completing the application process I was successful in securing a place in the department known as RF Physics effects.

The team were fantastic and I immediately found myself to be a valued member of the group. The two things that stood out most for me were the atmosphere of the workplace and the level of interest in the work shown by the members of the team.

There is a strong emphasis on networking and team building, and social events are frequent throughout QinetiQ. The new starter network Cortex helps Graduates, Apprentices and Placement Students get to know each other by putting on a range of events from meals out to sports events, go karting and a variety of other activities. On top of that, individual departments encourage networking by putting on social events such as BBQ’s in the summer and Christmas dinners! All of this leads to good work relationships and a real sense of belonging within QinetiQ, even as a Year In Industry student.

QinetiQ as a whole is engaged with a lot of genuinely interesting work at the forefront of current technologies. The team I worked with were interested in research and development of novel technologies, which I shared a passion for, allowing me to thrive as a member of the team. Throughout the Year In Industry I was given invaluable training from start to finish, fully supported in my Initial Professional Development, whilst working as a crucial member of the team, helping deliver on projects and trials. I had a great deal of opportunity for travel, training and working in different areas of the business, which really highlighted for me how committed the company were to developing me as a young professional.

Completing a year in industry has ultimately lead to me securing a place on the Grad scheme. This has enriched my experience of QinetiQ and opened even more opportunities for development than before.