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Maritime Autonomy

As experienced operators in the operation of underwater targets and unmanned vehicles for test and evaluation purposes, we’ve been heavily involved in defining the complex architectures which will allow the safe integration of autonomous systems into, for example, the UK Royal Navy’s portfolio of systems and platforms.

In parallel, we’re supporting the military to understand the operational impact of unmanned vehicles on a number of different programmes through the preparation and presentation of various complex autonomous system live trials and experimentation.

Facility: Maritime Autonomy Centre
Giving customers the ability to confidently accelerate adoption of Maritime Autonomous Systems capabilities.

Our Maritime Autonomy Centre in Portsmouth, UK, comprises extensive contemporary facilities, equipment, and software, including a purpose-built complex system and communication integration facilities capable of live, synthetic and mixed demonstrations and trials.

Facility: British Underwater Test and Evaluation Centre
We manage and operate the British Underwater Test and Evaluation Centre (BUTEC), based at the Kyle of Lochalsh in Scotland, on behalf of the UK Royal Navy and the UK Ministry of Defence, providing real-time 3D tracking of above-water and sub-surface units, weapons and targets.

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