We equip the world’s best pilots, engineers, and aircrew with the specialist techniques and skills needed to run effective civilian and military flight test programmes. Our 75-year history makes ETPS the longest established test pilot school in existence.

The state-of-the-art facilities, highly experienced tutors and modern and varied fleet we offer provide a learning environment that prepares graduates thoroughly – both practically and mentally – for their demanding roles.


Our history

ETPS was the world’s first school dedicated to teaching test flying.

Our founder, Group Captain Sammy Wroath, established the principles of flight test training in 1943: developing flying and engineering skills, practicing critical thinking, and taking a broad perspective in order to distil and communicate useful findings from complex flight test programmes.

These principles remain at the core of our training programme today – though we’ve constantly reviewed what we teach to align with our customer organisations’ needs, and train our graduates to succeed in demanding roles at the forefront of the flight test industry.


Our methodology

Our motto, Learn to Test – Test to Learn, succinctly describes the teaching method at ETPS.

The ETPS Programme is founded on experiential learning – combining both classroom instruction with a wide variety of practical exercises, both on the ground and in the air. Designed to build experience quickly, our intensive courses provide the theory and hands-on familiarity that graduates need to run cost-effective, efficient and safe flight test programmes.

Collaborative working plays a significant part in how we prepare flight test professionals for their future careers, and students work and learn together in syndicates of pilots and engineers. This helps them to develop the skills required to work within multi-discipline teams that safely and effectively deliver the best outcomes. Students are also required to act as leaders of their syndicate when working on programmes which builds their vital leadership capabilities.


Our success

Rigorous and intensive, our dedicated fixed and rotary wing courses compress many years’ worth of experience in flight and systems testing into months. The syllabus is tailored to develop the precision flying and analytical skills needed to run cost-effective, efficient and safe flight test programmes.

Our graduates leave ETPS as highly skilled professionals who are ready to deliver powerful strategic advantage through flight test programmes that:

 – Optimise aircraft and systems design and performance;

 – Accelerate time to market;

 – Support regulatory compliance;

 – Build operational capability;

 – Drive return on investment;

 – Ensure the safety of personnel.

Civilian test professionals are prepared to drive commercial value from the word ‘go’ – immediately able to manage flight test programmes that optimise aircraft and systems design, accelerate time to market, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Graduates from our military courses are qualified to build operational capability from the outset, enabling organisations to get maximum effect from air platforms, ensure the safety of personnel, and support the commissioning of billion-dollar acquisitions.

ETPS works closely with customer organisations to meet their current and future flight test training requirements. By partnering with them on a long-term basis we help them to manage their cadre of test pilots and engineers and develop a talent pipeline.


How we're run

QinetiQ works with the Air Warfare Centre (AWC) under the Long Term Partnering Agreement with the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) to deliver ETPS. As world leader in the field of testing and evaluation (T&E), QinetiQ’s deep expertise underpins everything from course design and teaching to safety and testing protocols.

All ETPS courses comply with EASA regulations, which we worked with EASA to define. We are one of only three schools in the world – and the first in the UK – to be recognised as an EASA Approved Training Organisation.

To learn more about how ETPS can empower your flight test professionals to success, please contact us.