Ageing Aircraft Audits

Our engineers support our clients with safely maximising the life of high value assets. With world-leading experience, QinetiQ conducts aging aircraft audits so that our clients receive a comprehensive assessment of risk from desktop through to physical audits. Our independence is core to the service we deliver providing high quality audits across mechanical systems, avionics systems and ground and test support equipment.

At QinetiQ we understand the importance of finding the safest possibly way to maximise the life of high value assets. Our team has world-leading experience in conducting aging aircraft system audits, in accordance with JAP 100A-01 and MIL-STD-1789, to ensure a best practice audit to deliver a comprehensive assessment of risks through desktop and physical audit.

Our independence is core to the services we deliver to Defence. We provide frank and fearless advice without conflict of interest. We have the ability to deliver a high quality audit covering a broad spectrum of aviation systems, including:

  • Mechanical systems: Flight control, fuel, hydraulic, pneumatic, landing gear, environmental control, ice and rain protection, oxygen, nitrogen, and arrester.
  • Avionic systems: Egress, data buses, navigation aids, communications, data links, electronic warfare, identification (Friend or Foe), electrical power generation and distribution, weapon control and release, air data, displays, mission planning, flight control, all wiring interconnections and connectors.
  • Propulsion systems: Auxiliary power units and airframe mounted drives.
  • Ground and test support equipment: Ground support equipment, systems test beds, automatic test stations and simulators.
  • Weapons/munitions systems: Aircraft gun and ammunition, countermeasure stores, free-fall and guided bombs, guided missiles and weapons carriage (consideration of weapons capability is specifically excluded).
  • Aircraft structural condition: Critical damage locations and structural degradation associated with Forward Fuselage, Centre Fuselage, Aft Fuselage, wings and empennage.
Ageing Aircraft Audits