Our sovereign Test & Evaluation, Certification & Systems Assurance (TECSA) services support ADF decision makers with objective, quality evidence across the capability lifecycle to ensure the warfighter understands the true operating tolerances of a platform or capability.

The world is rapidly evolving. From payload requirements, to platform capabilities and threat environments, we help customers understand how the capabilities of today will perform in the threat environments of tomorrow. As a world leader in the planning and delivery of end-to-end Test & Evaluation (T&E) solutions and a trusted local industry partner of the Australian Defence Force (ADF), we understand the importance of getting it right.

We operate some of the most advanced land, sea and air ranges in the world, harnessing advanced technology to help our customers test, evaluate, certify and assure a range of systems and platforms. Our extensive Australian and global expertise spans across the land, maritime and air domains, including weapons range operations and trials. Our unique operational knowledge owes its heritage to decades of real-world experience through the operation and management of these world-class capabilities.

Trusted Industry Partner

QinetiQ Australia is proud to be a trusted industry partner of the ADF. Our collaborative, OEM-agnostic approach enables the delivery of tailored, optimised solutions without bias. With independence at our core, we supply niche skills to other industry collaborators to seamlessly deliver cutting-edge solutions for Defence. We do this through our Integrated Engineering Services (IES), embedding within customer sites to design, build, deliver and assure critical training and T&E capabilities.

Our 830-strong Australian workforce is backed by our global business of more than 8,500, enabling us to deliver complex solutions to meet ADF needs. With a capable and expanding T&E workforce, we’re proud to be growing Australia’s sovereign T&E capability by drawing on our extensive global expertise, upskilling our local workforce in: land, maritime and air range operations, explosive ordnance testing, trials design and data analytics.

Deeper Insights, Objective Analysis

Our end-to-end T&E services support ADF decision makers with objective, quality evidence across the capability lifecycle. These services provide knowledge across the complete capability lifecycle – from individual weapons systems to complex platforms – informing critical decisions at both the capability and tactical levels.

We rapidly synthesise, assimilate and model multiple T&E outputs in the context of different threats and scenarios to ensure ADF decision makers understand the contextual risks and opportunities in the underlying Defence capability. By combining the ability to manage operational training events with the benefits of a digital infrastructure to integrate live, virtual and constructive testing, we provide next-level capability knowledge that gives ADF decision makers the tactical edge.

Accurate Platform & Capability Assurance

When the warfighter demands the best, we deliver. Our accurate platform and capability assurance facilitates deeper understanding of the true operating tolerances of a platform or capability. Working closely with our Defence, Academic and uniformed customers, we facilitate the true understanding of what the warfighter requires to operate at maximum efficiency in a threat environment.

We design and update our digital systems, ranges and threat representation capabilities across all domains to keep pace with evolving technologies, platforms and threat environments. We’re continuously improving and upgrading our T&E processes and capabilities to exceed expectations and surpass world-leading standards through rigorous technical and assurance processes, to ensure state-of-the-art certification and accreditation.

Test & Evaluation Sovereign Skills Program
Find out more about our structured and bespoke global career development plan aimed at building and enhancing sovereign test & Evaluation (T&E) skills in Australia, to support our customers and their increasingly complex T&E Projects.
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