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Usage Monitoring

With the largest concentration of usage and structural integrity specialists in the southern hemisphere, QinetiQ provides assurance to its customers that their combat platforms are maintained to highest possible standard and that the integrity platform is sound.

Our experts conduct robust usage monitoring to provide accurate health information as well as optimising maintenance regimes and accurate fleet management guidance. Our team works alongside Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel providing significant international usage monitoring programs in both air and land domains.

When Australia’s soldiers, sailors and air personnel are committed on the battlefield, they need the assurance that their combat platforms have been maintained to the highest possible standard and that integrity of the platform is sound. To achieve this, contemporary platforms require robust usage monitoring to provide accurate health information, optimise maintenance regime, provide accurate fleet management guidance and manage the structural integrity and fatigue Life of Type. As the ADF industry partner for usage monitoring, QinetiQ works alongside our service personnel, from unit level through to the Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group, supporting increasingly complex platform types.

Our people understand the ADF’s operational and usage monitoring needs. It is our core business. We are highly qualified experts and deliver programs across multiple fleets. We deliver significant international usage monitoring programs in both the Air and Land domains and draw together the lessons from our global programs. Our systems operate within a mature engineering management framework and are supported by the engineers, statisticians and software specialists with dedicated career paths as usage professionals.

Usage Monitoring