Our suite of small, lightweight meteorological sensors deliver accurate, low cost, actionable information to assist with planning and forecasting for military, civilian, research and commercial markets. Designed for diverse and challenging environments, our met sensors provide precise, real-time readings to support decisions and missions based on current conditions.

Meteorological Sensors Capabilities
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In-situ weather information
PADSĀ® (Precision Airdrop System) ASonde enables aircrews to obtain in-situ weather information.
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iQ-3 Synoptic Radiosonde
The new iQ-3 is a revolutionary synoptic radiosonde that measures real-time PTH and Winds Aloft information in support of synoptic military requirements and mission sets such as artillery fire support, tactical weather modeling, and high-altitude insertion/air drop.
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Real Time Weather & Wind Data
Our Tactical Atmospheric Sounding Kit (TASK) system continuously measures wind speed, wind direction, pressure, temperature and humidity while ascending through the air column on a six cubic foot weather balloon (about 32 inch diameter).
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Remote buoy data collector
Our Riverine Drifter is a low-cost, free-floating data collection buoy that travels with the river current to collect depth and temperature as a function of position.