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For over a decade, we have supported the U.S. Navy by designing, manufacturing and testing aircraft launch and arresting control hardware and software for the most modern warships in the world.

Our innovative underwater unmanned vehicles reduce logistical support costs by streamlining operations; these robots can perform multiple maritime missions, including data gathering, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance.

We develop multi-spectral airborne sensor payloads to detect maritime oil spills and enable the measurement of oil thickness in marine environments.

Advanced Arresting Gear
The electric motor-based Advanced Arresting Gear (AAG) system provides for aircraft deceleration during aircraft carrier recovery operations.
C-TALON Submersible Security Robot
C-TALON is an unmanned, tracked, robot designed to be used in both land and water environments.
Eagle Eye Signal Cancellation Technology
EAGLE Eye technology is a signal cancellation technology that allows for simultaneous transmit and receive (STAR), radar communications on a single frequency.
Electro-Magnetic Aircraft Launch System
Driven by the world’s most powerful linear induction motor the Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System (EMALS) is revolutionizing the way the Navy launches aircraft from the next generation of aircraft carriers.
Flight Deck Edge Safety Nets
Our high performance cordage deck edge safety nets (HPC-DEN) provide safety and fall protection at sea and on land.
Maritime Payloads
QinetiQ supports the development and prototyping of counter-explosive hazard payloads for the Puma UAV.
SabreTooth Hull Crawling Robot
SabreTooth is a submersible, magnetic, hull crawling robot used for a wide range of shipboard inspection and maintenance tasks.
SEAScout Unmanned Underwater Vehicle
SEAScout is a lightweight, A-size, UUV that features a reconfigurable payload enabling it to perform multiple maritime missions such as decoy, gateway buoy, neutralizer, data gathering, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance.